Andrew Miles

Managing Director


Andrew is an Australian business mentor, company director and investor with more than 20 years’ experience in technology, private equity and investment in Australia and East Coast USA.

Andrew’s current business development activities are to identify Australian companies seeking to utilise research, innovation and incentive services to solve problems, grow and generate wealth. He works with these companies to identify opportunities for research, innovation to commercialisation to benefit their business; facilitate engagement between the companies and the research sector (mainly RSPs); and support applications for protection, incentives and grants for a company-led resources in R&D and commercialisation projects with private and/or publicly funding.

Andrew provides mentoring, Govt. incentives, seed investment, Board reporting and leadership services to over 1700 business owners in the emerging technologies, engineering, ICT, biotechnology and other innovative industries. In addition, he has also provided reliable and pragmatic R&D tax, funding, due diligence and restructuring advice to support business owners to achieve the reasons of why they went into business.

As an active Melbourne Angel (member of Management committee), Andrew has a depth and breadth understanding of the startup/SOHO/SME ecosystems from concept to design and development to seed funding (lengthen runway) to technology commercialisation plus currently mentor over a dozen startups.

My key areas of expertise include:
- Leading successful business transformations.
- Business Development and growth.
- Building high-performance cross functional teams.
- Developing and embedding strong company cultures.
- Applying technology {SaaS, IoT, Tech Support} to drive breakthrough business performance.
- Delivering increased shareholder value.

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