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March 4, 2022

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April 1, 2022

Civil Works

Small Town Streetscapes Chewton

  • Chewton
Client Information
    • Mount Alexander Shire Council
    • All questions must be directed to Council via the eProcure website
Project Information


Project Description

Tenders are invited from suitably qualified and experienced contractors to deliver streetscape works in Chewton.

The works under the contract are located at Chewton as detailed in the Contract, and as shown on the design drawings including, but not limited to:

- Mobilisation and establishment of site, site management and supervision;
- Community consultation / notification
- Preparation and implementation of a Construction Management Plan incorporating the management of Traffic, Environmental, Quality and Safety
- Earthworks set out survey, including confirmation of easement boundaries
- Preparation, approval from relevant authority, implementation, maintenance and, if required, modification/improvement of a Traffic Management Strategy, Traffic Guidance Scheme, and all Traffic Management Plans
Proving the location of services prior to commencement of construction by direct connection techniques and non-destructive excavation where required by services operator
- Protection of existing services to the approval of the relevant service authority
- Removal and disposal of trees, including stump as confirmed by Principal prior to commencement of works
- Protection of existing trees within the construction limit of works that are not designated for removal.
- Removal and disposal of the existing asphalt pavement (if required) in compliance with environmental requirements where applicable
- Identification and location of all utility assets within the works, protection of existing assets as required
- Site preparation including clearing and grubbing
- Earthworks including cut, subgrade preparation and the import of fill as shown
- Construction of concrete outstands and hardstands
- Miscellaneous concrete works including driveway crossovers and lintels
- Line marking
- Delineated parking spaces
- Installation of tactile ground surface indicators
- Road pavement construction
- Kerb and channel
- Construction of kerb outstand
- Footpath construction;
- Removal, relocation and installation of signage, including the removal and installation of guideposts
- De-commissioning of site, site clean-up including the reinstatement of disturbed areas
- Ground preparation and planting of trees and vegetation
- Reinstatement of disturbed areas including the road pavement, verge, table drains and nature strip areas
- Replace signage in accordance with MASC Style Guide and Australian Standards
- Installation of street furniture (bike racks, seating)
- Installation of shelter and seating at existing bus stops
- Any other work (not mentioned above) necessary to complete the Works specified.

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