COVID and QR Codes

Managing Director Integrative Pty Ltd - Integrative Pty Ltd

Is it time for business operators, either small or large, to say NO to the imposts that are being imposed upon courtesy of COVID and its variants? Why should business have to become responsible for Contact Tracing, and identifying potential customers who might be out of their COVID Lockdown region? Vic-Rail refused to do so. Police Service don’t support another “Ring of Steel”.

Now we are being told we have to ‘carry the can’. Not every customer carries a ‘smart phone’ with them. Some are battling to afford a home phone or internet connection let alone a mobile phone. Imagine the line up of people that will occur in our larger supermarkets when many have to sign in manually. Then picture in your mind the potential for conflict when you ask for proof of identity. It’s hard enough to request those without to wear a face mask. The the reply is invariably most impolite.

What do you think?

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