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Waste Management & Commercial Cleaning

The Bendigo Cleaning Company

  • Commercial Cleaning

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The Bendigo Cleaning Company is an ethical employer and our prices are based on employing staff under the Cleaning Services Award 2010. It includes all the provisions for part time and shift employees and any other statutory rulings made from time to time, including all mandated Fair Work Australia pay rises. The Bendigo Cleaning Company is committed to ensuring staff are paid in accordance with the Award.

Bendigo Property Services covers a wide geographical area and we are currently cleaning at over 100 sites in Central Victoria. We are first cleaning business in Bendigo to win a business excellence award and are members of the Building Service Contractors Association of Australia. In 2016 we were awarded the Bendigo Business Council Business Excellence Award for Staff Health & Wellbeing, and we were finalists in the Sustainability Award. We believe these are testament to how we run our business, particularly in the area of fair and ethical employment practices.

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