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The Everyday Sales Mentor

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Business Overview

The Everyday Sales Mentor provides companies and individuals practical Sales and Business solutions. We provide Business mentoring services to improve how you go about running your business, as well as sales planning and structures to improve and manage your sales. We work with your sales people on a mentoring basis to improve individual skill sets and team performance. We also work with business owners to give them different perspectives on how to manage their business and look for new opportunities. Our skill sets and experiences are a mixed bag, from direct selling on the coal face, up to managing businesses with several million dollars turnover. We have Retail, Manufacturing, Agribusiness, Media and Real Estate skill sets, can give you perspectives from all manner of viewpoints.

Mentoring for Sales people :
If you are in sales and need an experienced sales person to talk with, then we can help. If you find prospecting difficult, the approach terrifying, and sales process daunting and the close impossible, then give us a call….if you don't know any of these terms, and you're in sales, then you should call anyway.

Mentoring for business people:
If you're running a small business and it's a bit daunting, then contact us. Having built a retail start up and that ran successfully for several years, and working in the corporate sector with budgets up to several million dollars, I can offer another perspective on your business and look for any holes or gaps in your business structures.

Mentoring for Sales Managers:
Just moved from the coal face and now you are running a sales team and you're thinking….struth!. Give me a call and we can start to set up some structures so your get some control over your people, and then your budgets.



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