Unpacking the cyber threat facing Australia right now

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What you need to know about the cyber threat facing Australia right now…and what you can do to make sure your guard is up!

Last week, the Australian Federal Government took to almost unprecedented (there’s that word again!) step of publicly announcing that Australian government agencies, essential service providers and even businesses are collectively the subject of large-scale ongoing cyber attacks by a state-based malicious actor.

The Government’s announcements were, by their own clarification, not prompted by any one single past or imminent incident, but rather a series of increasingly pervasive, ever larger scale, more brazen attacks staged and detected over the course of several months.

Even more interesting is that the malicious actors relied heavily on already published and available techniques and codes. This included the exploitation of already known vulnerabilties for which previous updates and patches have already been made available, but that may not have been proactively applied by the affected organisations.

Read more now about what happened, and what you should do now to protect your business and operations right here! 

If not now, then when?

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Rebecca Ciancio

Marketing, Communications & Engagement - Maxsum Consulting

Rebecca has more than 20 years’ experience working across different sectors in the technology industry both overseas and in Australia. Rebecca specialises in technical content production and marketing, communications to assist with change management, and supporting user adoption in organisations to ensure businesses are well positioned to leverage and maximise their technology investment. A skilled communicator and dedicated customer experience specialist, Rebecca adds the end-user experience and customer focus to change management projects.

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