Stay COVID Safe – Disinfect Your Tech!

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Remember the days when hot desking was the next big thing and moving to shared devices and workstations made perfect financial and environmental sense?

Whilst COVID-19 has put paid to many of the in-person social joys of sharing time and space with people in the office, it has also caused a seismic shift in the was businesses can occupy they office space hey have, as well as utilise and manage their resources and tools of their trade.

There has been a lot of advice around the need for daily cleaning and sanitisation of high-touch surfaces, phones, PCs and devices, but not many details on exactly HOW to best do this!

So, we’ve put together a few tips so you can make sure your team know what they should be cleaning, when and how when it comes to their tech!


Rebecca Ciancio

Marketing, Communications & Engagement - Maxsum Consulting

Rebecca has more than 20 years’ experience working across different sectors in the technology industry both overseas and in Australia. Rebecca specialises in technical content production and marketing, communications to assist with change management, and supporting user adoption in organisations to ensure businesses are well positioned to leverage and maximise their technology investment. A skilled communicator and dedicated customer experience specialist, Rebecca adds the end-user experience and customer focus to change management projects.

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