Reactive Vs Proactive HR Management

Business Development Manager - Employsure - Workplace Relations, Health & Safety - Personal

A recent conversation between a few colleagues and I found us discussing the two major reasons SMEs engage with us to discuss and help with their HR process and staff management needs – one proactive and one reactive.

These two reasons are normally dictated by the need for action and amount of control one has in the situation at that present moment.

The reactive reasons for ‘needing HR now’ usually comprise of the following:

  • Performance or conduct issues.
  • Drugs, alcohol, injury and mental health concerns within the workplace.
  • More recently, Covid-19 implications of Jobkeeper, Providing a safe workplace and what a staff member can be asked to do.
  • Award interpretation, at times triggered by employees demanding entitlements.
  • Extended Workers Compensation issues and associated premium increases.
  • Claims, be it Unfair Dismissal, General Protections, Bullying or WorkSafe regulator proceedings.

It goes without saying we assist clients every day with these matters, some more complicated than others.

So what are the proactive reasons for exploring a complete HR solution?  What are the reasons to get on the front foot and be in control of the decisions and actions taken in your business?

  • The ‘psychological contract’ – onboarding a new employee with best practice sets up the relationship for months or years down the track, making life easy (or difficult if not best practice) to manage when issues invariably arise.
  • Sets clear expectations in behaviour and procedure and therefore makes it easier to hold staff accountable to set standards.
  • Good business practice / prior life experience as the owner / sound governance management as a board.
  • Tender requirements for contract or government work – ‘pay to play’
  • HRIS efficiencies (cloud based record keeping) in managing employee record keeping obligations.

Where does Employsure fit in the market?

Employsure’s 900 staff support 28,000+ clients as a 24/7 service provider and have local representation in the Central Vic Region.

Clients typically vary from start ups, mum & dad businesses with a handful of staff, through to companies with an HR resource employed internally (200 staff+).

We offer a fixed fee for unlimited service, with our core service comprising of compliance, 24/7 advice, representation and financial cover plus a suite of App/Web based HR Management programs.

Different clients are interested in different aspects of our service, and I would be more than happy to make available an adviser to discuss a current challenge, a consultant to review your existing contracts or safety systems, a solicitor to discuss a current claim, or the BrightHR team to demo the BrightHR and BrightSAFE apps for employee management.

All of the above is complimentary and obligation free.

Look forward to helping – you can make an enquiry via:

  2. 0427 439 344

Ultimately, Employsure offer confidence in managing your staff and peace of mind that you are covered if challenged with a claim.

Business Development Manager - Employsure - Workplace Relations, Health & Safety - Personal