Good COVID News

Central Mediation Victoria - Central Mediation Victoria

While society has taken a big hit in dealing with the COVID-19 crisis one of the good bits of news is how effective and accessible Mediations are becoming with the use of virtual platforms such as Zoom, Modron and teams just to name a few. Over the last 6 weeks, I have been conducting many mediations using the Zoom platforms and pretty much universally participants have embraced the technology.

The ability to have virtual breakout rooms and to be able to join from any space using PC, Laptop, Ipad or iPhone has meant that for many businesses its has not only been a convenient platform but has brought many parties closer together.

Yes is true that in certain regional parts of Victoria bandwidth remains an issue but by and large, it has not been an insurmountable problem as parties can dial in using their voice capability rather than joining in by video.

Now while Lawyers are generally not the world’s faster adaptors to modern technology,  COVID-19 has brought many Firms and Businesses into the digital meeting world and this is a definite plus particularly in regions where great distances can mean that farmers and businesses can struggle ( let alone the COVID-19 restrictions) to attend mediations in person.

So if you haven’t ventured down the digital mediation path I would definitely recommend it in the meantime  ZOOM…Zoom!

Central Mediation Victoria - Central Mediation Victoria