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You have years of experience and you’re a master of your trade. Marketing your business to your target audience has changed over time. Long gone are the days of putting your ad in the Yellow Pages or local newspaper. So what other methods of advertising your business would work for you? What does the tradesman of the future need to have to be competitive? The online world is the way the next generation is finding the trades that they need. Sadly many tradesmen don’t realise they are missing out on a bigger market share. Creating a consistent online presence is a must, here are a few points to consider.

Small business tradesmen websites

More and more employers are searching for people online and trades are no different. Even with word of mouth people will be more likely to choose a builder, plumber or any other trade that has a presence on the internet.  Being more contactable and being able to control what a potential customer sees about you and your business is important. What is the solution? This is easily done with a small business website. There you can showcase your work, list the types of services you offer, have easy to access contact details and links to your social media accounts. Your website should also be responsive as more and more users access your site through their mobile devices.

Local tradesman using websites

Why do trades need to be online? Potential customers need and want to be able to find their local tradesman quickly and get a sense of their work through what they are presented with, so first impressions count. To achieve this is simple, with a small business website you can geographically choose the area you are willing to work in, thus marrying you with your potential clients.

Tradesman using social media

What past and present customers have to say about you is crucial to building trust and good reviews on places like Facebook are invaluable. Do you regularly ask your customers to please leave you a review? Then be sure to check and respond to these, creating a current dialogue that potential customers see. Once you have some reviews you can utilise these on your own website too.

And don’t forget to register your business on Localised! Link backs to your website in articles, news and in the businesses directory help you SEO.

If you need to discuss getting your construction business an online presence or revamping your existing one, call Purencool Digital to see how we can help you maximise your brand online.

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