Content marketing is a lot like football

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It is the final minutes before you will be accepting the satisfaction and internal contentment of achieving the ultimate prize. In football, the ultimate prize comes about because of many factors that have contributed to the end goal. The anxiety, stress, commitment, the highs, the lows, and all the small things you have done repeatedly have come about without anyone else knowing. At times, content marketing is very similar. You will not see the benefits straight away but armed with a well thought out strategy aimed at your customer, overtime you will win the ultimate prize.

You had the greatest content marketing plan and you have been enduring. Slowly the ROI is being achieved. But you’re tired, exhausted, you have nothing left to write about and the naysayers are leaning over the fence yelling at you, “You have nothing left in the tank, do you?” and “You might as well give up now.” Your head is hurting and the content marketing coach steps in and starts giving the final motivational speech to get you across the line.

The moment that matters most

You need inspiration to keep going, so let’s look at how football can help you become the best you can be and finish what you started. Your plan is relevant and up until this point your focus has been good. The coach looks you in the eye and starts with his favourite speech that you have been hearing week after week.

The coach says, “Bring it in, look at me, for weeks now I have been telling you time after time we need to take it one week at a time and you have done everything I have asked and I can see your tired…”

For weeks now you have been creating content week after week. You’ve been disciplined, sticking to the plan and that consistency has paid off. You are now in the position to win the ultimate prize.

The coach continues, “…but that counts for nothing now, as Teddy Whitten once said, “It’s got to be a do-or-die effort. It’s got to be a determined effort. You’ve got to show me all the guts and determination you’ve got in your body. You’ve got to inspire me with this last quarter finish. You’ve been in front all day and you’ve got to stay there, I want you to inspire me!”

The coach is right, the content has been great and the information has really helped your customers to come to an understanding of how you could help them with your amazing products and services. But just lately you have been letting the side down, the hard work is taking its toll. The content was getting stale and you’ve let yourself down. Dammit he is right! You think “I need to inspire others, I am tired, but that is no excuse.”

Then you look at your team. They have been working just as hard as you to get to this point. As you look around you notice their spirit has lifted.  The coach’s speech has lifted the team’s spirits, then he continues, “I want you to look inside and ask ‘Are you willing to standup? Be better?'” and as Allan Jeans said “Lift yourselves up and lead by example, and then we will win the game!”

Dont think, do

Yes, you want to write content that will allow the search engines to see you better and lead the team by example giving them something to work with. Showing the customer your content really gives them the total experience and shows yes, you do know what you are talking about. Make your keywords flow through the text by being precise to your target market.

The heart of the team has lifted, you now believe that this is possible and the content marketing team is ready. You are thinking about plans, concepts and different approaches to finish this amazing content journey you have started on.

He looked everyone in the eye, drew them in closer paused and then let fly with one of the most inspiring content marketing speechs of all time, he concludes..

“I can see it in your eyes, your hearts are back in it. You have worked a long time, written quality content that has not only helped the brand but also supported the customer base with information that has quality. Now is not the time to think about plans or strategy to think of all the different approaches we have done, the planning we practiced, writing the best content. We have endured through when the search engines have given us little ranking. Now we have a short period of time left to, as John Kennedy said, ‘Don’t think — DO!'”

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