Can you turn remote meetings into more?

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Come 2020 and a global pandemic, remote meetings now occupy prime real-estate on our calendars in their many and varied forms – who even knew we had so many options?

But is your remote working tool of choice…working for you?

As time wears on…

And we realise we’re likely to be working from home for some time to come yet…

As important security, compliance and governance questions now come to the fore…

As the novelty of virtual drinks and cool virtual backgrounds has started to wear off…

…People now just want a reliable, well integrated too at the ready to get their work done.

Time to take a look at what your business stood up just to get through the early days of remote working, and what makes better financial and productivity sense going forward in terms of backing a remote meeting tool that does MORE than remote meetings alone!

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Rebecca Ciancio

Marketing, Communications & Engagement - Maxsum Consulting

Rebecca has more than 20 years’ experience working across different sectors in the technology industry both overseas and in Australia. Rebecca specialises in technical content production and marketing, communications to assist with change management, and supporting user adoption in organisations to ensure businesses are well positioned to leverage and maximise their technology investment. A skilled communicator and dedicated customer experience specialist, Rebecca adds the end-user experience and customer focus to change management projects.

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