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COVID-19 forced many organisations to take a bigger or earlier leap into cloud-based collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams than they were planning. Having started to see the longer term benefits of remote collaboration and productivity, those leading organisations are now looking at how to better control, consolidate and embed Teams use across their organisation.

Next step: Get your people, processes and workflows pulling in the same direction again, even with a highly dispersed workforce in a post-COVID world.

Why would I need to be thinking about workflow automation?

Short answer – because you can! And because automation saves time, and saving time saves you money!

Long answer – because as work becomes more dispersed and our work interactions change, our data and documents have and still are following the people who are using them. In terms of security, compliance and control, it’s more important than ever before for organisations to look at how they can

  • Keep data, documents and processes in a central place, and preferably within one company-approved toolset (Remember how Shadow IT used to be a thing…well remote working just made that a whole lot worse!)
  • Keep work, processes and approvals flowing across teams no matter where people are located, what devices they’re using, or what time of day they’re logging on.
  • Provide real-time visibility and status updates to people as to where work is up to, given they may no longer be able to pop their head up over the partition to ask “Hey Bill – where’s that contract from Muppets Inc.? Have they signed and returned it yet?
  • Provide your team with remote and contactless ways to trigger workflows and actions in the same consistent way from either inside or outside the office in a post-COVID working world.

All of these challenges can be addressed through workflow automation.

If you’re using Office 365, you may already have access to some of these great tools through Power Platform. Take a look at how workflow process automation might work for you to refine workflows and boost the productivity and engagement of your team – remote or otherwise – WITHOUT having to leave the Microsoft ecosystem (hello Security and Compliance!) and WITHOUT having necessarily make new third-party resource or tool investments (hello Finance!).

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Rebecca Ciancio

Marketing, Communications & Engagement - Maxsum Consulting

Rebecca has more than 20 years’ experience working across different sectors in the technology industry both overseas and in Australia. Rebecca specialises in technical content production and marketing, communications to assist with change management, and supporting user adoption in organisations to ensure businesses are well positioned to leverage and maximise their technology investment. A skilled communicator and dedicated customer experience specialist, Rebecca adds the end-user experience and customer focus to change management projects.

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