Nurture – Physio inspired yoga

❤️ Our clients at Nurture – Physio inspired yoga have shaken up their online service by recently launching online assessments, consultations and programs.⠀

Their classes are safe, welcoming and specialise in yoga-inspired mobility, stretching, strengthening, and stability exercise as well as breathing and relaxation techniques. ⠀

Yes, they love new clients! ?⠀

➡️ Nurture’s aim is to make yoga-inspired exercise accessible for everybody and boy have they made it accessible! ⠀

? Offering online classes in order to reach their treasured clients and provide an individualised & tailored experience.⠀

Benefit from Nurture’s modifications that will help those with injuries or movement limitations to participate in and experience the many benefits of exercise, mindfulness and relaxation. ⠀

➡️ Just a snippet of what they’re currently offering online:⠀

Postnatal & Antenatal Assessments, Initial & standard consultations as well as follow-ups just to name a few.⠀

? You can access their range of online assessments as well as their in-person appointments and private sessions (with COVID-19 precautions) by visiting their Instagram @physioinspiredyoga and using their bio link ?

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Hamish Riley – Loan Market

?? When Hamish Riley isn’t kicking business butt as a well known and respected Broker servicing Bendigo & Regional Victoria, he’s often found sharing his love and quirks with his beautiful daughter on Social Media or praising and supporting local businesses all over Bendigo!⠀

Hamish’s ‘next-level’ 12 years of experience in the finance and insurance industry and genuine passion for understanding your situation to find a solution that benefits you is a HUGE asset to our local community! Especially now we’ve all experienced some unexpected life-changing financial situations.⠀

??‍♀️ Save time and money! Enjoy a coffee together all from the comfort of your home! Book in your very own video conference where he’ll walk you through your options and find the perfect solution for you! ?⠀

➡️ Book your FREE consult by entering into your search bar.⠀

Finding a solution has never been easier or more enjoyable with the support of Hamish Riley from Loan Market Bendigo!⠀

➡️ Stay in the loop & take the journey with Hamish through his social media updates, fun and community support here! ⠀

➡️ @bendigo_brokers

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