Cheers to the slow but gradual easing of restrictions!

With restrictions now easing real estate agencies have begun welcoming potential buyers into their’ open for inspections’ with open arms! (metaphorically of course). #safedistancing ?️⠀
??‍♀️ Our clients at Waller Realty Bendigo, Castlemaine & Maldon are now able to burst out in full swing providing their client’s exceptional property expertise which aims to maximise their returns and capitalise on that all-important market growth! ?⠀
We couldn’t be more relieved for the real estate industry for the opportunities, happiness and success that comes with the easing of restrictions.???⠀
When our clients have wins, then so do we! ?️⠀
After all, you could say we’re a part of the team, right? ?⠀
? Cheers to the slow but gradual easing of restrictions, watching not just Waller realty but to all businesses who are starting to see that light at the end of the tunnel. The showing of exceptional strength, courage and perseverance during this whole pandemic has been the most heart-filled motivator and deeply felt inspiration to have witnessed and to have been a part of. ⠀
You all know who you are! ?⠀
– The A-Team ✌️?

Head of Product and Customer Success - Localised
Love Food Hate Waste Business Program

Run a food business?

Love Food Hate Waste is a free short program that will help cafes, restaurants, pubs and other Victorian hospitality venues prevent food waste, reduce costs and increase profits.

The average food business in Victoria throws away more than 100 kilograms of wasted food every week, over half of which could have been prevented. It’s not just a waste of good food and lost profits, it also wastes natural resources and piles up in landfill.

Following the simple three-step program over several weeks, Love Food Hate Waste Business will help you identify where food waste is really occurring in your business and then make changes to prevent waste before it happens.

Businesses that register will receive a Participant Kit including food waste trackers, action plan templates and other tools and resources to help them reduce food waste in their business.

Register to make food waste your business today:

Head of Product and Customer Success - Localised
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