Admin Manager and Part Owner - Seal a Fridge Northern Victoria

So your fridge isn’t cool any more. Don’t despair… repair!

If your old fridge isn’t as cool as it used to be, call us. We’ll take a look at the hinges, seals and door alignment and can often repair it for a fraction of the cost it would take to replace it with a new fridge.

Phone 0408 883 715 for a quote today.

Admin Manager and Part Owner - Seal a Fridge Northern Victoria
Man cave fridge or just a restoration – we can help!

Old fridges outlast the newer ones we buy due to the technology they had 40 or 50 years ago. The components were made to last and surprisingly they have.

Restorers who love a challenge will sand back the paint on an old round top fridge and respray to get beautiful results. The fridge becomes a showpiece in a home or man cave.

Seal a Fridge Northern Vic is able to put a black seal in these fridges so that the fridge works well and just adds to the beauty of the restored item.

If you are restoring an old round top fridge or freezer, give us a call and we can put a new custom made seal in your showpiece.

Mary from Seal a Fridge Northern Victoria Ph: 0408 883 715


Admin Manager and Part Owner - Seal a Fridge Northern Victoria
Cold Appliance Seals made and installed SAME DAY by our mobile service

We specialize in seals, hinges repairs associated with cold appliances.

If you have a problem with a fridge not keeping cold we will recommend a refrigeration mechanic in your area as we don’t do this type of repair.

The technician has been replacing seals for over 6 years and has a great knowledge of door closing issues, seal profiles and cool room door problems. He is an expert on solving these type of problems common to cold appliances in high use businesses.

We are aware the food businesses are busy a certain times eg lunchtime 12 to 2 and will not schedule the technician to call at this time. So we work with you to find the best time to call in.

Old fridges maintaining temperature sometimes need an innovative approach to replacing seals currently not supplied any longer. We use a product that creates a seal retainer and can use a current seal to reseal this appliance.

Auto door closers on freezer rooms or cool rooms have solved a lot of problems for business owners where the door does not close securely or is slammed and is causing the doorframe damage.

If you are having problems with your cold appliance doors, hinges or seals call me and the technician can give you a free quote.