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Smiling Mind: Building Resilience in the Workplace
Do you know how to build resilience in the workplace?
What role can you play in changing the culture at your workplace?
During this FREE Bendigo Community Health Services run workshop our hosts Smiling Mind will look at the many benefits that come with increased resilience and mindfulness and show you the skills needed to make change in the workplace.
This is a great opportunity for employers and employees.
Places are limited so please reserve your spot:
This is a COVID safe event so please follow directions when attending.
Please email if you have any questions.

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COVID-19 vaccine is hogging the limelight but please don’t forget your flu shot
The COVID-19 vaccine is hogging the limelight but it’s really important we don’t forget about getting a flu shot before Winter arrives too.
Our Community Health nurses are back on the road delivering flu vaccines to staff at businesses across Greater Bendigo.
Research shows that for every $20 a business spends on staff vaccinations $115 is saved in reducing lost productivity.
If you’d like our nurses to visit your business, community or sporting organisation please email our workplace health team at or call 5406 1477.
Learn more about our workplace flu vaccination options:
Our GPs can provide vaccinations for you and your family too. Call 5406 1200 to make an appointment.
Please remember the COVID vaccine and your flu vaccination must be at least two weeks apart.
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AFS puts high priority on health and wellbeing of staff

A HUGE shout out to AFS and Associates Chartered Accountants for making the health and wellbeing of staff a major priority.

Bendigo Community Health Services staff have really enjoyed working with AFS to get the free Achievement Program for businesses up and running and just a little bit chuffed to see how well they’re doing in ticking off all the benchmarks for the Physical Activity health priority.

Nicely done everyone!

AFS Health and Wellbeing Committee members Joshua and Samantha proudly show off the official Physical Activity certificate.

Well done AFS on not only looking after your staff but celebrating your successes which is really important.

If your early childhood service, school or business would like to follow the AFS lead and improve health and wellbeing, call our Achievement Program co-ordinators on 5406 1200 and we’ll help you select health priorities, get a plan rolling and measure your results:

Your early learning centre, school or business could win $1500: I #BCHS #ThereForYou

Community Engagement and Communications - Bendigo Community Health Services
Bendigo HeadtoHealth Hub ready to support ‘frontline’ workers

There’s so many ‘frontline’ workers out there from supermarkets, health care facilities and other essential businesses who have done such a wonderful job through an incredibly tough Coronavirus period in 2020.

Bendigo Community Health Services knows this can take a toll, especially given we all wonder what’s ahead in 2021.

We also know returning to work after the festive period can generate a range of emotions.

If you or someone you know is struggling please reach out for help through our new HeadtoHelp Hub by calling 1800 595 212.

Our staff are there to talk to you about these issues and help you through these times.

It’s okay to say you’re not okay.

Learn more about the HeadtoHelp Hub:

Business Development Manager - Employsure - Workplace Relations, Health & Safety - Personal
New Industrial Manslaughter Penalties take effect this Wednesday (1 July, 2020)





As of July 1st 2020, Work Safe Victoria and Victorian State Government will introduce a new criminal offence of workplace manslaughter into occupational health and safety laws here in Victoria.  This is great news as it will means safer workplaces across our region, but does mean business owners must be on top of their Workplace Health and Safety.

The offence applies to negligent conduct by an employer or other duty holders, or an officer of an organisation, which breaches certain duties under the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 (OHS Act) and causes the death of another person who was owed the duty.

The new law aims to prevent workplace death, provide a stronger deterrent for duty holders to comply with their occupational health and safety obligations, and to send a strong message that putting people’s lives at risk in the workplace will not be tolerated.

The positive news is that if you are already complying with your OHS duties, you are doing the right thing and you will not need to do anything different from 1 July. If you are not complying, the consequences for not thinking about workplace risk can be much more severe with a maximum of 25 years imprisonment and $16.5 Million in penalties now available.

But How Can You Be SURE?

To check your business compliance, Employsure offer a service called a ‘Safe Check’ Gap Analysis.  Let’s face it, when you’re working in a business everyday it can be easy to over look practices that may leave you exposed.  By having a trained professional with ‘external eyes’ review your workplace we can identify any blind spots your business may have. From there we can help with making your workplace safe and compliant.

For more information, call or email me for details:

Tim Burnham

Employsure – Central Victoria

0427 439 344