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Smiling Mind: Building Resilience in the Workplace
Do you know how to build resilience in the workplace?
What role can you play in changing the culture at your workplace?
During this FREE Bendigo Community Health Services run workshop our hosts Smiling Mind will look at the many benefits that come with increased resilience and mindfulness and show you the skills needed to make change in the workplace.
This is a great opportunity for employers and employees.
Places are limited so please reserve your spot:
This is a COVID safe event so please follow directions when attending.
Please email if you have any questions.

Community Engagement and Communications - Bendigo Community Health Services
COVID-19 vaccine is hogging the limelight but please don’t forget your flu shot
The COVID-19 vaccine is hogging the limelight but it’s really important we don’t forget about getting a flu shot before Winter arrives too.
Our Community Health nurses are back on the road delivering flu vaccines to staff at businesses across Greater Bendigo.
Research shows that for every $20 a business spends on staff vaccinations $115 is saved in reducing lost productivity.
If you’d like our nurses to visit your business, community or sporting organisation please email our workplace health team at or call 5406 1477.
Learn more about our workplace flu vaccination options:
Our GPs can provide vaccinations for you and your family too. Call 5406 1200 to make an appointment.
Please remember the COVID vaccine and your flu vaccination must be at least two weeks apart.
Community Engagement and Communications - Bendigo Community Health Services
AFS puts high priority on health and wellbeing of staff

A HUGE shout out to AFS and Associates Chartered Accountants for making the health and wellbeing of staff a major priority.

Bendigo Community Health Services staff have really enjoyed working with AFS to get the free Achievement Program for businesses up and running and just a little bit chuffed to see how well they’re doing in ticking off all the benchmarks for the Physical Activity health priority.

Nicely done everyone!

AFS Health and Wellbeing Committee members Joshua and Samantha proudly show off the official Physical Activity certificate.

Well done AFS on not only looking after your staff but celebrating your successes which is really important.

If your early childhood service, school or business would like to follow the AFS lead and improve health and wellbeing, call our Achievement Program co-ordinators on 5406 1200 and we’ll help you select health priorities, get a plan rolling and measure your results:

Your early learning centre, school or business could win $1500: I #BCHS #ThereForYou

Community Engagement and Communications - Bendigo Community Health Services
Bendigo HeadtoHealth Hub ready to support ‘frontline’ workers

There’s so many ‘frontline’ workers out there from supermarkets, health care facilities and other essential businesses who have done such a wonderful job through an incredibly tough Coronavirus period in 2020.

Bendigo Community Health Services knows this can take a toll, especially given we all wonder what’s ahead in 2021.

We also know returning to work after the festive period can generate a range of emotions.

If you or someone you know is struggling please reach out for help through our new HeadtoHelp Hub by calling 1800 595 212.

Our staff are there to talk to you about these issues and help you through these times.

It’s okay to say you’re not okay.

Learn more about the HeadtoHelp Hub:

Community Engagement and Communications - Bendigo Community Health Services
Make a difference in the community by giving a young person a go!

Headspace Bendigo is helping youth into jobs through the free Individual Placement and Support Program and we need your help.

We want to learn more about businesses like yours and the different job opportunities out there so we can ensure young people are learning the essential skills that employers actually need.

This will ensure more young people are not only successful in gaining employment but can make a difference from day one.

Giving a young person a go not only brings new ideas to a workplace but gaining employment can change their life.

The IPS program at headspace Bendigo helps young people between 15 and 25 into employment and education while they are receiving support from a mental health clinician for their mental health and wellbeing.

It’s a voluntary program empowering young people to become more independent while achieving employment and education goals.

Providing young people with the resources and tools allows choice and control meaning that they are more likely to be successful in obtaining sustainable employment going forward.

headspace Bendigo was one of 14 initial sites across Australia funded by the Department of Social Services to trial the IPS Program and this has now been expanded to 24 sites. The IPS Program will soon be expanded into 50 headspace sites to provide more support and opportunities for young people.

We support a diverse range of young people who all have different skills and attributes.

We recognise that every young person is an individual and support is tailored to their specific needs.

The IPS Program provides time unlimited support and we are there for both the young person and the employer throughout the journey.

On-site support can also be provided for businesses if needed.

There are plenty of young people looking for that ‘opportunity’ so we are always looking for employers willing to give someone a go. Please contact the IPS team at headspace Bendigo on 5406 1400 to discuss the program and supports available or find out how we can help you get a new employee.

What young people say about the IPS Program?

“With the help of the IPS team I was able to put my best foot forward and figure out what I wanted to do & what I needed to work on in order to gain employment in the area’s I enjoyed. I highly recommend accessing this FREE service and starting your journey in the workforce” – IPS Participant

The IPS program was very helpful for me. I had a rough idea of what my goals were in life but found it difficult to achieve them. Now with the assistance I had from the IPS program, I am on the way to achieving my goals. – IPS Participant

headspace – The National Youth Mental Health Foundation is an early intervention service aiming to provide support to young people between the age of 12 to 25. headspace Bendigo has a range of services to support young people from our site at 78-80 Pall Mall.

Community Engagement and Communications - Bendigo Community Health Services
Have we got a WIN-WIN for you … $1500 and a healthier lifestyle!

Do you think the focus on health and wellbeing at your workplace, business, early learning service or school is good enough or could be improved?

Would you like to see changes to improve the health of your staff, children or students?

Or do you feel you are doing good things around health and wellbeing and would like State Government recognition for that work?

Well, we can help you make these happen for FREE. Yep, FREE. And you could win $1500 for your workplace, early learning service or school by signing up to our Achievement Program and ticking off all health priority areas by June 2021.

We will help you plan for change and identify the results of your good work so everyone can see and share in the success.

Sound good? Great, here’s all you need to know:

Learn more about the more than 50 services and programs we offer to care for you and your family by visiting

Community Engagement and Communications - Bendigo Community Health Services
EOI – Redesign of Bendigo Community Health Services workplace health program

Bendigo Community Health Services has offered a Workplace Health program for 15 years.

It’s about helping businesses and employees in our community to pursue a healthy lifestyle and protect them in times of need such as flu season.

We have completed a review of the program in line with our new Strategic Directions 2019-2024 with a focus on demand, impact and resourcing.

It’s time to redesign the program.

We are seeking some independent advice from a qualified consultancy agency or individual to make sure our new Workplace Health program meets the needs of the community and is sustainable to continue supporting businesses and employees well into the future.

The consultant will review the present program and future opportunities and provide a report with recommendations to help with the redevelopment and redesign of our Workplace Health Program.

Does that sound like something your organisation can help us with?

Expressions of interest close at 4pm on September 4, 2020.

Please direct any questions to our Director of Primary Health Care Services Graem Kelly by email on or calling (03) 5406 1479.

The EOI documents are available at or you can learn more by clicking on this link to go to our website:


Cheers to the slow but gradual easing of restrictions!

With restrictions now easing real estate agencies have begun welcoming potential buyers into their’ open for inspections’ with open arms! (metaphorically of course). #safedistancing ?️⠀
??‍♀️ Our clients at Waller Realty Bendigo, Castlemaine & Maldon are now able to burst out in full swing providing their client’s exceptional property expertise which aims to maximise their returns and capitalise on that all-important market growth! ?⠀
We couldn’t be more relieved for the real estate industry for the opportunities, happiness and success that comes with the easing of restrictions.???⠀
When our clients have wins, then so do we! ?️⠀
After all, you could say we’re a part of the team, right? ?⠀
? Cheers to the slow but gradual easing of restrictions, watching not just Waller realty but to all businesses who are starting to see that light at the end of the tunnel. The showing of exceptional strength, courage and perseverance during this whole pandemic has been the most heart-filled motivator and deeply felt inspiration to have witnessed and to have been a part of. ⠀
You all know who you are! ?⠀
– The A-Team ✌️?

Economic Development Officer - The City of Greater Bendigo
Shout4Good – Doing business differently

Businesses in our region are doing things differently during these challenging times.  So we’ve started a list of businesses trying new and innovative ideas and we’ll be distributing this information across our social media platforms and via our newsletters.

If you are doing things differently or would like to do a shout out for someone else, tell us the details by filling out the form below.  Your submission will be approved by our Business Help Desk and a list of businesses will be listed on this page. Check back soon for updates.

Innovative local initiatives include:

  • Sharing excess food
  • Zero contact delivery
  • Self-isolation packages
  • Not accepting reusable cups
  • Extending takeaway options or frozen pre-prepared meals
  • Promoting the use of environmentally-friendly takeaway containers
  • Extra staff meetings to promote mental health

No ideas are too out there – we’re encouraging you to do things differently!

Visit for more information or to add a business or service.

No entries match your request.

Registrations now open for Business Clean Up Day 2020

In 2020 Clean Up Australia will be celebrating their 30th anniversary and all that has been achieved by their volunteers over the past three decades.

Clean Up Australia Day is on Sunday 1 March, but in recognition that businesses often wish to participate during work hours, the official Business Clean Up Day is Tuesday 25 February. However, businesses can opt to do a Clean Up any day of the year.

Doing a Business Clean Up is a great way to:

  • Make a real difference by helping us to deliver lasting environmental change
  • Support your local community
  • Increase team cohesion via a low-cost team building exercise
  • Engage your team in discussions on waste issues.

To learn more visit Clean Up Australia.