Nurture – Physio inspired yoga

❤️ Our clients at Nurture – Physio inspired yoga have shaken up their online service by recently launching online assessments, consultations and programs.⠀

Their classes are safe, welcoming and specialise in yoga-inspired mobility, stretching, strengthening, and stability exercise as well as breathing and relaxation techniques. ⠀

Yes, they love new clients! 🥰⠀

➡️ Nurture’s aim is to make yoga-inspired exercise accessible for everybody and boy have they made it accessible! ⠀

💫 Offering online classes in order to reach their treasured clients and provide an individualised & tailored experience.⠀

Benefit from Nurture’s modifications that will help those with injuries or movement limitations to participate in and experience the many benefits of exercise, mindfulness and relaxation. ⠀

➡️ Just a snippet of what they’re currently offering online:⠀

Postnatal & Antenatal Assessments, Initial & standard consultations as well as follow-ups just to name a few.⠀

🖥 You can access their range of online assessments as well as their in-person appointments and private sessions (with COVID-19 precautions) by visiting their Instagram @physioinspiredyoga and using their bio link 😁

– The A-Team ✌️🏻

50% off for NEW Xero users!

💥50% off for NEW Xero users for the next 4 months! – There’s never been a better time to sign up!💥
➡️ Thinking of stepping up your accounts game?
➡️ Are you looking to save time, skip the boring number stuff and inject that time elsewhere? Perhaps some more family time is in order?
☝️We call that ‘Discovering your richness’.☝️
Helping local businesses by sharing wisdom, providing our next-level bookkeeping service and spreading the word about simply WHAT WORKS, is what we do!
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– The A-Team ✌️🏻

Hamish Riley – Loan Market

😁👉 When Hamish Riley isn’t kicking business butt as a well known and respected Broker servicing Bendigo & Regional Victoria, he’s often found sharing his love and quirks with his beautiful daughter on Social Media or praising and supporting local businesses all over Bendigo!⠀

Hamish’s ‘next-level’ 12 years of experience in the finance and insurance industry and genuine passion for understanding your situation to find a solution that benefits you is a HUGE asset to our local community! Especially now we’ve all experienced some unexpected life-changing financial situations.⠀

💁🏻‍♀️ Save time and money! Enjoy a coffee together all from the comfort of your home! Book in your very own video conference where he’ll walk you through your options and find the perfect solution for you! 👏⠀

➡️ Book your FREE consult by entering into your search bar.⠀

Finding a solution has never been easier or more enjoyable with the support of Hamish Riley from Loan Market Bendigo!⠀

➡️ Stay in the loop & take the journey with Hamish through his social media updates, fun and community support here! ⠀

➡️ @bendigo_brokers

– The A-Team ✌️🏻

Cheers to the slow but gradual easing of restrictions!

With restrictions now easing real estate agencies have begun welcoming potential buyers into their’ open for inspections’ with open arms! (metaphorically of course). #safedistancing 😊️⠀
💁🏻‍♀️ Our clients at Waller Realty Bendigo, Castlemaine & Maldon are now able to burst out in full swing providing their client’s exceptional property expertise which aims to maximise their returns and capitalise on that all-important market growth! 🙌⠀
We couldn’t be more relieved for the real estate industry for the opportunities, happiness and success that comes with the easing of restrictions.👏👏👏⠀
When our clients have wins, then so do we! 😊️⠀
After all, you could say we’re a part of the team, right? 😜⠀
🥂 Cheers to the slow but gradual easing of restrictions, watching not just Waller realty but to all businesses who are starting to see that light at the end of the tunnel. The showing of exceptional strength, courage and perseverance during this whole pandemic has been the most heart-filled motivator and deeply felt inspiration to have witnessed and to have been a part of. ⠀
You all know who you are! 😘⠀
– The A-Team ✌️🏻

Engagement Manager - Be Bendigo
Be Bendigo – Covid Business Support

Over the past few months we have seen that when businesses collaborate it has great benefit for everyone within the local business community. Initiatives such as the Supporting Health Workers program, Lend a Hand Bendigo and Cafés for Covid have showcased the community spirit in Bendigo.

We have had the privilege of speaking to many of our members and partners through this time.  As expected some are faring better than others, but what has been apparent across the board is that everyone has valued talking to someone outside of their business. We have been able to assist by listening to the challenges, providing businesses with Covid-19 support information, connecting business to business, partnering with stakeholders on new initiatives and promoting business services.  

We have had discussions with some businesses who were not aware of Be.Bendigo and what we do.  Be Bendigo is the peak industry body representing business in the region, we support our members and partners by driving local business connections through networking events, advocacy and building leadership capacity.

After many years in the banking sector here in Bendigo and now in the role of Engagement Manager at Be Bendigo, it has shown me that every business is unique and it is the connections we make that provide benefit to the community.  

It has been a very challenging time for business recently but what we have seen is the good in people. Businesses have been extremely resilient adapting their offering to suit their customers needs and the relevant Covid-19 restrictions. More importantly we have all been working collaboratively to support each other the best we can.

As we move into the recovery phase, Be Bendigo will continue to support business to grow and prosper.  

If you would like to learn more please contact the Be Bendigo Team at

Sales and Marketing Manager - McKean McGregor
McKean McGregor I Property Insights Magazine – June, 2020

MM | Property Insights | June, 2020

Our latest digital Property Insights magazine is available now!

Click here to read McKean McGregor’s Property Insights.

Enjoy our current market insights, editorial features, special interest articles and our stunning current listings all in the one place.

Flip through the digital magazine and simply click on any property to reveal the full details on our website.

We hope you enjoy.


Marketing, Communications & Engagement - Maxsum Consulting
Does your business have a digital strategy in place for 2020?

Digital Innovation Learning & Strategy Build Week

Brought to you by the LaTrobe Accelerator Program, Maxsum Consulting and Aus-Industry Support for Business.

Whether you’re a start-up or an established business, GROWTH – what it means, how to plan for it, and how to realise it – presents an enduring challenge. 

To achieve growth in the digital age, emerging and new businesses need to innovate how they start up to survive, just as established businesses need to plan to innovate, revitalise and thrive.

Bringing 20 years of digital strategy and business planning experience to the table, Maxsum is excited to support and contribute to the LaTrobe Accelerator Program’s 2019 Program.

Over the upcoming 5-day program, including a 2-day option, Maxsum will be partnering with LTAP to deliver insights, strategic guidance and practical tools in a workshop-style series of sessions that will empower and assist your start-up or business.



Marketing, Communications & Engagement - Maxsum Consulting
Microsoft Teams @ Maxsum – Book Now!

Collaborate, Create and Coordinate with Microsoft Teams!

Join us to find out more! 

Here’s your business-focused introduction to Microsoft Teams, the game-changing collaboration tool purpose-built to innovate the way your teams work.

Join Maxsum on August 14, 2019 as we step you through:

  • What Teams is
  • How it’s designed to be used across Office 365 and Microsoft 365
  • How you can achieve the right balance between flexibility and control
  • What it can offer your business as you gear up for the future of work, and
  • How to get your teams excited about Teams!

Are you ready to be a Teams player?

Join us Wednesday August 14, 2019 @Maxsum Bendigo


Or find out more now at