Virtual Mindfulness Meditation Classes

Founder, Facilitator, Director - Omni Mindfulness

Wellbeing and mental health is important for all aspects of our lives, including work. Looking after your mental health through meditation is a great way to keep your life in balance.

I’m delighted to announce my offering of a weekly meditation class for the next 5 weeks, in partnership with Bendigo’s YogaHara. Sessions will be run live as a virtual Zoom class so you can join from anywhere! The sessions will be held at 5.30pm every Tuesday, beginning on 14 July 2020. Please note: all bookings via YogaHara only:

These weekly meditations are introduced to participants in an accessible and practical format that are easy to follow. Each session has a theme and consists of a guided meditation and a debriefing in the group.

The program is suitable for anyone who wishes to develop their meditation skills, deepen their own practice and be supported by a group that explores together the various experiences that arise. It is based on the mind-body concepts and techniques, and although beneficial, prior participation in the workshop is not required.
Note: If you suffer from an acute stage of mental illness we advise you to seek guidance from an experienced mental health professional prior to participating in these sessions.

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