Nigh’ Nigh’ Baby Sleep School Goes Virtual

Baby Sleep Consultant - Nigh' Nigh' Sleepy Head


Is broken sleep affecting the way you speak and interact with your kids and spouse? Is it impacting on your work?

Nigh’ Nigh’ Baby Sleep School is giving virtual consultations where you get to speak with health professional Deb Herdman about your baby, toddler, or pre-schooler sleep issues. Deb has been successfully using music and play therapy, a new approach to sleep, that appeals to parents that want gentle ways to help their baby settle faster and sleep longer.

“Before COVID parents were not keen on video consults from the comfort of their home. Going virtual has so many advantages as I can observe baby behaviour, sleep space safety, and other potential problems that upset sleep patterns. Parents can stay at home, which is what we are all trying to do during the pandemic.

Another benefit is that the consults are able to be flexible so dads can be included in the consultation which was always difficult prior to COVID when dads were at work.

Changing sleep patterns and behaviours can be complex especially when you’ve tried many different solutions without success. Our service is designed to give you the support and resources that will enable your child to sleep anywhere and everywhere without crying, fuss, or anxiety.”

Lack of sleep impacts mental and physical health, including immunity to disease.  There has never been a more important time to take care of yourself and your family.

Contact Deb Herdman for a sleep strategy chat.

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