City of Greater Bendigo free business webinar on phishing emails

Communications Specialist - City of Greater Bendigo

Phishing emails have become a major cyber security issue during the pandemic. So what are they?

Scammers often send phishing emails or texts pretending to be from a legitimate business such as a bank or a government agency to obtain confidential information about you. If given, your details are then used for fraudulent activities.

As part of our weekly business webinars in partnership with Be.Bendigo, IT expert Joe Ciancio from Maxsum Consulting will host a free webinar on Tuesday July 7 at 12pm on how phishing has become a serious cyber threat. The webinar will explain how scammers have become more sophisticated during the pandemic targeting individuals and businesses. Teach your staff how to spot phishing emails and have the right steps in place to keep your confidential business information and data secure from cyber attacks. Phishing emails are successful due to human error. To register, please visit


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